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​​​Our Value Proposition

​​​Selling ​your home as quickly as possible ​to the highest and best offer is just one option. 

You have others.​.. And we're not talking about reverse mortgages.

​How about ​using the equity from the family home ​to create a stream of long term ​income - while your asset continues to increase in value?

Yes, ​you can do that.

​Maybe the home needs repairs or updates. ​

We​ understand and we have multiple solutions. 

We ​ ​network with contractors who ​will do ​great work and in some cases even defer getting paid until the home closes. They work with us to help you because they are as passionate about serving as we are.

​With you, we ​ can determine the feasibility of renting ​the home so you can use the income to travel, pay for your new space or ​re-invest. ​​If ​the numbers do makes sense, we'll help you handle make ready and get it leased to a great tenant.

What we see more often is that leveraging the family home into multiple rental units will not only help you diversify but will ​generate a significantly higher return on your equity. 

​Rather than ​putting your proceeds into an annuity, a low paying mutual fund or the stock market, we can ​show  you what it looks like to take that tax free money and convert it to multiple rental units. A home worth $500,000 can be converted into gross revenues exceeding $50,000+ a year in our DFW market.

​When we meet, we can show you exactly what you can expect.

Many landlords earn returns of 12-15% or more per year on their equity​.​ All investments are risky, but with expert guidance, those backed by real estate are ​superb long term investments​. 

​If the thought of being a landlord makes your stomach turn, ​a competent property manager ​can take care of every detail from repairs to collections for about 10% of the monthly rent. ​All you have to do is watch the money go into your account. ​

Some folks want to take care of managing it themselves and we ​are happy to coach you through it ​so the family can manage the units and save ​management fee if that's your style.  

The best part? Unlike a reverse mortgage where you forfeit the property​ for a small stream of cash - or an annuity where you never recover your principle amount, we show you how to ​retain ownership ​of your assets and receive the ​benefit of continued appreciation for future generations. 

​If you need cash right now and can't wait for makeovers and marketing, we ​will deliver a cash offer to you within 72 hours ​for a legitimate as-is price. We will show you the comparable sales and true market value so you know you're getting the most the market will pay for the home, regardless of it's condition. ​You can get cash within 10 days in many cases.

​Please understand that most Realtors just want to sell your house as fast as possible and move to the next deal. We are intentional about our client's big picture. We want to be part of the long term solution, so our goal is to build personal relationships based on trust, integrity and respect.

We spend as much time with you as you need. 

We listen with the intent to understand and a heart to serve.

No client will ever be more important to us than you are. We are passionate about protecting the interests and the assets of our senior citizens, whether it's you or your parents. Know that leaning on our experience will benefit you and your entire family.

Contact us for an assessment and let's ​talk about your options. You probably have more than you think  - and if we uncover just one piece of information that serves you, isn't it worth a phone call? Fill out the form below and we will contact you to discuss your unique situation!