Press Release 10/10/2017

Well, we’ve gotten our first press release! Here it is in it’s entirety!

Travis Franklin
Broker/Owner, Franklin Real Estate Brokerage

October 10, 2017

Travis Franklin Opens Franklin Real Estate Brokerage in North Texas

Southlake, TX –Travis Franklin, Fort Worth native, entrepreneur, author, coach and real estate broker, opened the doors to the Franklin Real Estate Brokerage; with a mission to groom high-quality agents to better serve the specific and growing needs of the over 55 community in Texas.

A University of Texas at Austin graduate, Franklin holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, majoring in finance and real estate, with a minor in economics. After starting out as a financial analyst, Franklin started several successful businesses, then moved on to manage data acquisition for First American Real Estate Solutions. In 2008, at the bottom of the real estate crash, Franklin got his license, fell in with a small independent broker named BW Home Team and began to sell a lot of homes. From there, he managed a small, high producing team at Keller Williams that sold over 100 homes a year with just three team members, then a larger team at Northern Realty Group before opening the Franklin Real Estate Brokerage in May of 2017.

His years of hard work paid off, and in September of this year, Franklin was voted Best Real Estate Agent by 360 West Magazine for 2017. This award places him among an elite list of real estate agents selected by a survey of fellow agents, mortgage companies, 360 West readers and recent home buyers/sellers in greater Tarrant County.

As a REALTOR®, his passion is to protect, advise and empower his clients to ensure they have clarity, regarding their options, and can make sound decisions for their future. To help accomplish these goals, he created a brokerage to provide agents with the technological and educational resources to become masters in the real estate business.

“My brokerage has an internal focus on creating the most comprehensive training, coaching and mentoring program available in the industry,” said Franklin. “I show agents how to build a sustainable and steady flow of clients that doesn’t rely on cold calling or buying leads. We focus on relationships because meeting people is the heart of our business. On the back end, we’ve created seamless follow-up systems to be standing by when they are ready to talk. But at our core, we are a marketing company, and while most brokerages farm out that piece or simply buy leads, we teach our agents how to run their own efficient, affordable campaigns. I share my experience and education to help them become masters of their own marketing. This way, they can focus on what they want to achieve, when they want to achieve it, and they can do it in a way that matches their personality and their goals.”

But, agent training and mentoring isn’t the only aim of Franklin’s new brokerage. On top of providing agents with the resources and support for growing their own business, the Franklin Real Estate Brokerage has a unique passion for delivering simple, life-changing options to North Texas residents over the age of 55. This unique brokerage’s mission is to support that segment of the community in their transition to the next stages of life by offering more options to sellers than big box brokers are willing or able to provide. With his background in finance, Franklin delivers outside-the-box solutions that create long-term cash flow and allow for the continued growth of the homeowner’s equity.

“We’re different in that we help the over 55 community turn their home equity into a retirement vehicle if that’s what they need,” said Franklin. “I have a very soft spot for both my peers approaching retirement and our aging parents. It pains me to see uneducated, inexperienced agents incorrectly advising a segment of the market that desperately needs great advice… especially now, as our market is shifting back toward buyers.

When you pay off your home, and it’s time to downsize, you have more options than selling out, banking the cash and going to a smaller home/apartment. Through purposeful real estate investments and strategic partners, we have the resources to help an aggressive homeowner quickly turn a $500,000, paid-off home into $1000+ a week for the rest of their lives. Because it’s real estate, their equity balance will continue to grow and appreciate while it generates cash flow.

They can literally live on a cruise ship for that… or live on an island with fresh breezes and an ocean view, without touching their 401k or savings if they choose.

And when it’s time to make the last move to assisted living or in with family, we are respectful, experienced, compassionate and show our clients how to create financial peace of mind for themselves and their family.”

Franklin is an avid golfer, enjoys traveling with his family and guides others through written word, with a self-written blog and author of a new book, “Why Not to Become a Realtor (and what to do if it’s too late),” set to be complete and published Christmas 2017.

For more information on Franklin’s real estate brokerage, visit Franklin Real Estate Brokerage’s website, www.franklinbrokerage.com, or Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/travis.franklin.realtor/.