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Hi, I'm Travis Franklin, Broker and Owner at Franklin Brokerage. Thanks for visiting my page! There is only one age protected group when it comes to real estate and that's the over 55 community. 

We are dedicated to protecting our senior citizen's equity and providing them fiduciary guidance in all areas of a housing transition.

In our 50s, 60s and even 70s, we are not concerned with just our own retirement needs, but possibly also with decisions about care for our parents as their health fades or living in their family home may no longer be an option.  

We work tirelessly on your behalf

At my brokerage, we focus on the unique needs of the over 55 community, regardless of where you are in the journey. Our strategic relationships include specialists like Senior Care Advisors  - these are certified professionals who will work with you (or your parents) at no charge to help find the perfect assisted living or active retirement facility. We also have relationships with Estate Sale Companies, Financial Planners and more. We offer a one stop option for advice and guidance around every step of this housing and life transition... and because we are in a fiduciary relationship with you, you can rest assured that your interests always come first.

Over the years, my focus and passion has evolved into protecting the over 55 community because as we age, we become the most vulnerable segment of our society. I've noticed that many firms, "advisors" and lenders attempt to take advantage of us as we get older. I can't tell you how many times I watched roofers, insurance companies, lenders, and other agents try to rip off my clients  - and I won't tolerate it! 

Fiduciary means we must put your interests first at all times and this allows me to serve you with compassion and expertise. 

As far as I know, there is no real estate brokerage specifically devoted to serving the needs of our seniors.

Whatever your stage of transition, you deserve to have an expert in your corner with experience and understanding. We have the expertise and resources to offer options other brokers cannot.

We understand what matters most to you because it's exactly what matters to us. The first step is to chat about your situation. Together, we'll get clarity on your equity, review the options it provides and create a strategy to meet or exceed your goals. 

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We will help you maximize your equity and achieve the highest standard of living available to you. Guaranteed!

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In the real estate industry in Dallas and Fort Worth since 1992. 


Just one stop. Our experience and our network provide the opportunity to have every option at your fingertips.

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Our consultation is free and you are welcome to use any of our recommendations or vendors at no obligation or charge.

"My goal is to educate you, advise you, advocate for you and protect your interests above all else." 

Travis Franklin, Broker/Owner

What Our Customers Have to Say:

“Thanks for everything!"

“I am so happy at how everything turned out. You worked hard for us and got me more than I ever thought possible and I didn't have to do a thing.

Vada C

Retiree  in Assisted Living

“Franklin Brokerage helped us get dad's place sold for top dollar."

“When it was time to help Dad transition into assisted living, I'm glad we hired Franklin Brokerage. They helped us get dad's place sold for top dollar with minimal expense. They had a relationship with a local church and some movers, so his stuff was packed and moved, quickly and cheaply. They made the transition easy.

D. Gunn

“We were so happy with what we got for our house"

“Our son had used Franklin Brokerage and when we got ready to retire and move to our home out in the country, we chose them too. We were so happy with what we got for our house and how smoothly the process went. They helped us get a new roof at no cost and the entire process could not have been simpler. We got the equity from our house and now we can enjoy it!

David S

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