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Your Listing Expired, Now What? We Sell Homes When Other Brokers Fail!

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Is it the agent’s fault?

First, I want to be perfectly clear and honest here – 99% of the time, yes, it’s the agent or broker’s fault. We as brokers and agents are expected to be professionals at selling homes. We are allegedly the “experts”. You’ve trusted a broker with one of your largest investments and it’s now a trust you feel has been betrayed. Why has this happened? What can you do about it? If you really need to sell, what you need more than anything else is the truth. Without the truth you have no clarity and without clarity, you have no power. Check out the free eBook for the full story on why most agents won't tell you the truth. We have more market info for you below with links to our blog. It is full of accurate and timely information!

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Travis Franklin

About Us

Hi, I'm Travis Franklin, Broker and Owner at Franklin Real Estate Brokerage. I graduated from The University of Texas with majors in Finance and Real Estate in 1989 and have well over 20 years experience in the real estate industry. I opened my own brokerage in 2017 because many clients as well as agents are being under-educated, under-served and misinformed by the big box brokerages. Fulfillment comes from giving back and living with a purpose. My purpose is to hire and train agents who want to become the best versions of themselves possible, so they may better serve our clients. My firm is built with the vision of helping our employees thrive and grow, so they can help more people thrive and grow - and not just trade time for money.

“Travis is a very personable individual. He was professional and accessible at all times to us. He went above and beyond to help us sell our property. He was eager, energetic, knowledgeable and worked tirelessly to make sure we received top dollar for our home and in a very timely manner. I would not consider using any other broker besides Franklin Brokerage."

Paul Cope
Jane Smith

"Travis is my go to resource for real estate advice, market information and for purchasing investment properties. He has facilitated several transactions for me and every one has been a winner. If you’re looking for a realtor/broker who goes the extra mile for all of his clients, look no further than Franklin Real Estate Brokerage."

Mark Borge
Shane Melaugh